Average Salary and Job Outcomes With an Applied Horticulture & Horticultural Business Services Degree

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All information is based on data collected by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics and National Center for Education Statistics.

Most Affordable Schools for an Undergraduate Applied Horticulture & Horticultural Business Services Degrees

Southern Illinois University-Carbondale

Lincoln Drive - Carbondale, IL

Out-of-state cost: $15,057/year
In-state cost: $15,057/year
Degrees: Bachelor's

Vermont Technical College

124 Admin Drive - Randolph, VT

Out-of-state cost: $29,460/year
In-state cost: $16,044/year
Degrees: Associate's, Bachelor's

University of Rhode Island

Green Hall, 35 Campus Avenue - Kingston, RI

Out-of-state cost: $32,578/year
In-state cost: $15,004/year
Degrees: Bachelor's

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